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Protect Your Garage from Unwanted Pests with Hern's Pest Control

Welcome to Hern’s Pest Control, your trusted partner in garage pest exclusion. Our specialized services are designed to protect your garage from a wide range of pests, ensuring a safe and clean environment for your belongings and vehicles. Garages often become a haven for pests due to their close proximity to the outdoors and easy access points. Our comprehensive pest exclusion services are essential for maintaining a pest-free garage, preventing potential damage, and safeguarding your home’s integrity.

Many homeowners face significant challenges with pests invading their garages. Common issues include rodent infestations, where mice and rats chew through wires, insulation, and stored items, causing costly damage. Insects like ants and spiders can create nests and contaminate stored goods, while small animals like squirrels or raccoons can find their way into garages, leading to messes and potential hazards. Pests can also damage weather stripping and other structural components, compromising your garage’s security and insulation. These problems can lead to expensive repairs, health hazards, and general inconvenience, emphasizing the need for effective pest exclusion solutions.

Garage Lower Corner Shield Plus Kit as the best prevention method to get rid of rats in garage

To address these challenges, Hern’s Pest Control offers an innovative DIY solution: the Garage Lower Corner Pest Shield, created by our owner, Roberto Hern. This unique product is specifically designed to block the corners of your garage, preventing pests from entering and securing your weather strip from getting separated from the frame and being bitten by pests. The Garage Lower Corner Pest Shield is easy to install, making it accessible for anyone to enhance their garage’s pest defenses without professional assistance.

By incorporating both our expert services and the DIY Garage Lower Corner Pest Shield, Hern’s Pest Control offers a comprehensive approach to garage pest exclusion, tailored to meet the needs of every homeowner. Protect your garage today with our trusted solutions and experience the peace of mind that comes with a pest-free environment.

The Process

Step-by-Step Explanation

  1. Initial Inspection: Our expert team conducts a thorough examination of your garage to identify potential entry points, signs of pest activity, and any structural vulnerabilities. This step ensures we understand the specific needs and conditions of your garage.

  2. Customized Exclusion Plan: Based on the findings from the inspection, we develop a customized exclusion plan tailored to your garage’s unique requirements. This plan outlines the specific measures needed to effectively block pests and protect your garage.

  3. Implementation: Our skilled technicians implement the exclusion plan by sealing entry points, setting up traps, and using other targeted methods to prevent pests from entering your garage. One key component of this implementation is the installation of the Garage Lower Corner Pest Shield, created by Roberto Hern. This innovative product blocks the corners of your garage, preventing pests from entering and securing your weather strip from getting separated from the frame and being bitten by pests.

close up to a garage lower corner pest shield installed by hern's pest control as part of our garage pest control exclusion service

Common Garage Pests

List of Pests

  • Rodents: Mice and rats can cause significant damage by chewing through wires, insulation, and stored items, leading to costly repairs.
  • Insects: Ants, spiders, and other insects can create nests and contaminate stored goods, posing health risks and causing inconvenience.
  • Wildlife: Small animals like squirrels or raccoons can find their way into garages, creating messes and potential hazards.

Clients Love


What truly distinguishes Hern’s Pest Control is our unwavering dedication to our customers. We understand that exceptional service extends beyond simply eliminating pests; it’s about fostering strong relationships founded on trust and dependability. We take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and customize our approach to meet your specific needs. This commitment to providing personalized solutions ensures we effectively address your unique pest control challenges, giving you peace of mind and a pest-free environment.

Tips and Advice

DIY Prevention Tips

We offer practical DIY prevention tips to help homeowners keep their garages pest-free. These tips include sealing cracks, maintaining cleanliness, and storing items in pest-proof containers, all of which can help prevent pests from entering and nesting in your garage.

Seasonal Advice

Different seasons bring different pest challenges. We provide seasonal advice on how to protect your garage year-round, from winter-proofing against rodents to summer insect control, ensuring your garage remains pest-free throughout the year.

Product Highlight

We emphasize how the Garage Lower Corner Pest Shield, installed by Hern’s Pest Control, can significantly aid in pest prevention. This product not only blocks pests from entering but also secures the weather strip from getting separated from the frame and being bitten by pests, maintaining the structural integrity and cleanliness of your garage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Pest Control

The most effective way to keep bugs out of your garage is to eliminate the things that attract them. This two-pronged approach involves keeping your garage clean and dry, and sealing up any potential entry points.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Clean and Dry: Declutter your garage to remove hiding spots and eliminate food sources like crumbs or spills. Address any moisture issues, as many bugs are drawn to damp environments.
  • Seal Entry Points: Inspect your garage for cracks around windows, doors, and where utility lines enter. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal these gaps and prevent bugs from sneaking in.

Keep Mice Out! Mice love sneaking into garages. For ultimate protection, install our Hern’s Garage Lower Corner Pest Shield. This metal barrier blocks entry points at the foundation, sealing a common rodent entry spot. Combine the shield with regular cleaning and Hern’s Pest Control’s expertise for a rodent-free garage!

Bug bombs, also known as foggers, can be used in garages, but with some limitations:

  • Limited Effectiveness: Bug bombs only kill pests they directly contact. They won’t reach insects hiding in cracks, walls, or behind objects.
  • Safety Concerns: Garages often contain flammable materials like paint or gasoline. Bug bombs use propellants that can be a fire hazard.

For these reasons, targeted approaches are usually more effective for garages. Consider contacting Hern’s Pest Control for a professional solution that tackles the specific pest problem in your garage.

To keep roaches out of your garage, focus on a two-pronged attack: eliminate attractants and seal entry points.

  • Starve them out: Roaches love moisture and food sources like crumbs, spills, and pet food. Regularly sweep, clean up spills, and store food in sealed containers.
  • Seal them out: Inspect cracks around doors, windows, and utility lines. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal these gaps and prevent roaches from entering.

By following these steps, you can create a less hospitable environment for roaches and discourage them from taking up residence in your garage. For best results, consult Hern’s Pest Control for a professional inspection and targeted treatment plan if needed.