Seasonal Mosquito Control Program

Protect Your Health and Pets from Deadly Diseases!

Mosquitoes, the silent killers! They transmit deadly viruses worldwide, claiming over a million lives annually. Don’t let these disease-carrying pests ruin your comfort. We’re here to help!

Our expert team tackles not only the nuisance but also the health risks associated with mosquitoes. From dengue and Zika to malaria and West Nile virus, we’re equipped to combat them all. CDC-confirmed outbreaks occur yearly, making mosquito control crucial.

But it’s not just humans at risk! Our furry friends face threats too. Heartworm and equine encephalitis pose serious dangers to pets and horses. Protect their well-being with our targeted solutions.

We’ve curated the most effective and affordable methods to eliminate these bloodsuckers. Say goodbye to infestations and safeguard your loved ones. Act now to reclaim your peace and well-being!

In2Care Mosquito Traps: New Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Proven Efficacy

  • Trap efficacy has been scientifically validated in the lab and published in a peer-reviewed academic journal

  • Field validations were carried out by the IVCD of the Trinidad Ministry of Health

  • A large-scale trial was conducted by the MRCU on the Cayman Islands

  • Field efficacy validations for EPA-registration were conducted by the Manatee County Mosquito Abatement District in Florida and have been published in a scientific journal

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How does the In2Care Mosquito Trap work?

Hern’s Pest Control uses plant-based insecticides when the situation calls for it. Plants make their own insecticides, so we utilize their natural abilities. However, just because a pesticide is plant-based doesn’t mean that it is entirely safe for humans. It is important to note that botanical pesticides tend to break down faster when exposed to sunlight. High-quality botanical products contain mint oils, citrus oils, and pyrethrins.

Actives against mosquitoes

The patented In2Care® Mosquito Trap provides an attractive breeding site for egg-laying Aedes mosquitoes. When a mosquito enters the trap she lands near the water on the floater gauze that binds two actives. The first is a growth regulator that kills the mosquito larvae in the trap and in surrounding breeding sites. The second active is a biological fungus that weakens the mosquito, prevents virus development, and kills the mosquito before she can transmit diseases.

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What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to our customers. We believe that exceptional service goes beyond eradicating pests; it involves building strong relationships based on trust and reliability. We listen attentively to your concerns and tailor our approach to suit your specific needs, providing personalized solutions that address your unique pest control challenges.

In2CareTrap Mosquito Control Service

The In2Care Trap mosquito control service is part of Hern’s Pest Control’s all-inclusive plan. We offer this seasonal service from February to November, with prices starting from $110 per month. In addition, the plan allows customers to use our monthly pest control plan and the mosquito service simultaneously.

This mosquito control service eliminates mosquitos attracted to the contaminated areas and larvae that end up in the trap. In addition, it traps the mosquitos in surrounding breeding locations, which will prevent any mosquito-borne viruses from spreading. Our service centers on a revolutionary new mosquito treatment method that uses one mosquito to eliminate all other mosquitos in the same area.

The service includes setting up two traps, enough for a property up to 7,000 square feet. For best results, we recommend setting the traps up at the beginning of mosquito season to minimize the spread of viruses.

The In2Care Trap mosquito control service is an environmentally-friendly solution. The trap uses unique bioactive ingredients that only affect mosquitos and won’t harm other animals or insects. As a result, the In2Care Trap is the most effective mosquito control option that doesn’t use toxins and chemicals harmful to the environment.


Initial Service: $225 (Includes two traps) Additional Traps: 50$                                      Starting at $110/per month (Includes two traps) Additional Traps: 25$                                      Eco/Green Services Available
Nine monthly pest services for the year
Available March through November
No contracts

Initial Service Details:
Hern’s Pest Control will set up two In2Care mosquito traps for $225. The traps need to be serviced with water and the In2Care mix every 30 days during mosquito season. The refills cost $110 plus tax for two pots. Two pots will suffice for most 7,000 square foot yards, although all yards and situations are different.

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